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Hello, I’m Sophia and this is Business Century!

From financial advice to tips on how to start your own business and my own stories about business, you’ll find all you need about business here.

A little bit about me, I’m a 35-year-old boss lady who started out as a dishwasher at my local pub. By the age of 16 I was running the pub events and by 18 I was managing the pub.

I grew up in Burnley and have remained a true northerner through and through. I recently married my partner who lived next door to me when we were babies and we’re getting ready to start a family.

Growing up in Burnley, there wasn’t a huge amount of opportunity and many of my friends left school as soon as they could. I lived with both of my parents for as long as I could, saving up every penny until I could an afford a decent deposit on a house, two streets down from my family home.

I’m very much a family orientated person and tried hard to incorporate as many family members into my business as possible.

I’ve come a long way since pubs and now operate 7 highly successful restaurants in the UK with a task force of 400 including 10 family members!.

I left school at the age of 16 and worked every day, long nights and weekends to get to where I am today and have had the support of a very loving team and partner who has been with me through it all.

Over the years, I have learnt a lot about business and wanted an outlet to share my experiences, ups and downs in the world of business.

I created Business Century after celebrating 10 years at the restaurant which is where the name for this blog came from.

I have hosted and appeared at many business talks, particularly within the hospitality and food & beverage industry and after being asked the same questions and advice all the time, I wanted to put it all into one place whilst simultaneously posting about other experiences, sharing advice and creating a community of like-minded businessmen & women or help those who are aspiring to create their own businesses.

My husband is a what many like to call a tech geek and for good reason. He’s an expert in Cryptocurrency and offers Crypto services to business, individuals and high profile clients. He often contributes to Business Century and we even have a dedicated Crypto Currency Checker to help those compare and make sense of the different kinds of digital currency out there.

Business Century - about us

I will never claim to know it all but I have learnt quite a lot having created a highly successful chain of restaurants from scratch.

From menu production to locations, interiors and marketing, I am proud to have all of the decisions when it comes to my business and wish to share this knowledge with Business Century followers.

As my business live thrives, it’s now time to focus on my personal life, enjoy the time with my husband and start our very own family. I will be documenting all of my business/family life on Business Century and hope you’ll enjoy coming on this journey with me.

So, if you’re a keen businesswoman in need of some advice or want to hear some stories of our community’s success, then please do not be afraid to get in touch.

Alternativity, if you have your own advice to give, then why not become a contributor?