Back to Work for New Mums

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Having children is the most wonderful time and for many the thought of going back to work is heart-breaking. All we want to do is spend every moment with our new babies and be there throughout every moment until they’re old enough to leave home themselves.

But the reality is quite different and many of us can’t afford to be stay-at-home mums for more than our maternity leave lets.

Here at Business Century, we’re a community of loads of women and mums who have all had to head back to work after having children and we’ve created a list of tips to help you get back into the workflow of things.

There is a Right Time to Return

The pressure to get back to work can sometimes be overwhelming but you really have to do what’s right for both you and your baby.

Take the time to consider your options and don’t be forced back by anyone (work/family/yourself) as you’ll only end up resenting it.

Take the Opportunity to Refresh Your Career

Having time away from work can really put everything into perspective. If you are dreading going back because you hate your job then now is the perfect time to go for a career change.

Find something you love doing, take the leap in a job you’d always wanted to try and just go for it.

Establish How You Want to Work

A lot of people are afraid of really asking employers for what they want.

From going part-time to finishing at 3 and working flexitime, you need to make work, work for you otherwise you’re going to reset it from the offset.

Your life has changed with a new baby so its only natural your priorities and needs change too. Having an honest discussion with your employee from the start can help to stop any miscommunication and help you to enjoy work again, on your terms.

Know Your Rights

Many employers don’t know what they are and aren’t allowed to do when it comes to pregnant employees and maternity leave.

Make sure you’re in the know by reading up on what’s legally required from your employee and what you’re entitled to.

Plan Your New Routine

Getting back into the swing of things can be tricky, to say the least.

For some, this can be particularly stressful as we don’t take into consideration the amount of extra time we need to get ready in the morning with children. The best way I combat this is to do as much as I can the night before, from preparing your food (and the rest of the family), getting your clothes ironed, packing your bag and so on.

Arrange Childcare in Advance

Childcare can be hard to find and stressful so save yourself the worry and find someone who works for you in time for when you return to work.

Nowadays, more families are leaning toward the idea of being able to find an au pair
who, in exchange for board, lodging and meals can provide extensive childcare for your children from the comfort of your own home. However, finding the right childcare provider can be tricky. A child care service provider have to be qualified (like completing Cert iii in childcare) and licensed by authorities. So make sure you do your research before hiring a care provider. And if you have younger children, keeping them in a familiar environment may be particularly important.

With that being said, make sure you’re happy with the arrangements and if you’re doing the drop off – factor this into your morning routine.

Are you a new mum who has gone back to work? we’d love to hear from you and your experiences so get in touch with us today.

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