Building A Business Website That Builds Success For Your Organization

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There’s no exact floor plan for a perfect business website design, but the internet has been around long enough for those who have come before to have learned a few things here and there about successful design.

If you’re new to website design, there are some foundational design elements with which you should familiarize yourself. If you’re creating your own website, these tips will be extremely useful. However, if you’re contacting a company like Expedition Co. for web design services, you won’t need to worry about these features as they will be able to create a useful business website for you instead. Regardless of how you’re creating your website, here is a quick breakdown of a few elemental design tactics that will help your website succeed after launching.

Navigation is a priority

Visitors to your business website need a way to get around. It’s your place to design a way for visitors to explore the content you create, so don’t forget about navigation.

Traditionally, a stationary (or floating) navigation bar along the top of your design is sufficient. This Hartford business website shows a stellar example of traditional navigation options (and offers some great advice).

Encourage communication

Communication will be the thing that keeps your business thriving for many years in the future (if you do it right). Your business should always encourage communication between the professionals on the front lines and the consumers who may most benefit from your products/services.

In addition to the traditional “Contact Us” page, your business website should boast other pleas for communication from visitors. Add a contact number on the homepage, or add a “leave a comment” box on your blog posts to draw engagement from passing web users.

Always consider mobile users

Mobile access to the internet has far surpassed that of laptops and PCs, so it has become vital for business designers to consider their mobile audience as they create. Always optimize your digital content for access on mobile devices and viewing.

You don’t want your visitors to be overwhelmed with pinching and swiping, so try integrating media queries within your design’s code. Media queries are a simple fix for mobile optimization that won’t take all day to install.

Use social media to branch out

Social media is a helpful addition to all of your organization’s digital content. If you can spread your words on social media, more people will see what your business has to offer.

The easiest way to integrate social media into your design is by adding the supremely recognizable social media sharing icons we’ve all come to know and love.

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

If you are not already familiar with the purpose of search engine optimization, then you should rush to get aboard the optimization train. SEO will teach you to better understand the algorithm which decides which sites are placed at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

SEO provides key design information that you simply cannot thrive without, so take the time to fully understand the cause and effect of each design concept.