Design Tips For Creating A Cozy Welcoming Area For Your Business

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If you run a brick and mortar business, it’s important that your customers feel welcomed at your establishment. Designing a space for business and comfort isn’t very difficult, and you want your space to be one of the very best.

If you’re strengths don’t include interior design, let us make you a quick study. Take a few moments to read through a brief overview, featuring some design techniques that will make your customers feel the cozy warmth of home every time they step through your doors.

Consider what works for your business as you read, take notes, and start creating comfort today.

Comfortable seating is paramount

The first thing you will want to conquer when designing your business lobby area is the seating. You cannot simultaneously provide quality services for every individual who walks through your door, especially during the most busy times of the year.

Waiting customers need a comfortable and welcoming space in which to wait. Focus your efforts around furniture that both looks and sits comfortably, and make sure there is ample seating. People tend to enjoy their “bubble” while sitting in a public place.

Outdoor settings are often important

Not every business establishment has a space for an outdoor sitting area, but those that do have more room for comfort. Outdoor sitting areas have a few different aspects to consider.

For instance, the heating and cooling efforts in your patio area can make a huge difference in the comfort levels of customers. Live greenery is also a great addition to your outdoor space. Capture the feeling of being closer to nature by creating a warm spot for visitors to relax. Some businesses might even want to consider visiting their local patio furniture store to make sure they have comfortable saeating for their patio. This should encourage more people to spend time outside.

Choose the right lighting options

Lighting is vital to comfort and providing a chill vibe in your lobby. Harsh, bright lights don’t typically bring warmth to the room. Try using soft lighting in your lobby design. Lamps are also a great way to add a touch of comfort.

To add depth to your design, mix up different types of lighting fixtures. A large centerpiece light in the middle of a large room will add luxury and prestige to your design.

Textures and color work together

The color scheme you use to spice up the walls of your lobby can either make or break your design. Study up on the psychology of color, and find which shades best support your cause.

For example, neutral tones like beige or white can be accessorized by adding simple pops of color on clocks or paintings. Soft colors are typically more fitting for business than bright or bold hues, so choose wisely.

Provide a welcoming gift

You probably have at least five different free pens on your desk from visiting other businesses. Try being a little more creative, and offer visitors a free drink or cookie.