How to match your business tie to your suit

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Many are concerned with how to match your shirt to your tie but you must also consider what combination you make in regards to your suits. Different suit styles in terms of lapels, fit and colour all have their best-suited ties. Additionally pattern, material and colour can all clash so here are our top tips to make sure you match your tie to your suit.

Which Patterns Match Well?

The pattern of your tie and your suit can clash. Introducing patterns and particularly multiple colours into your outfit can be a struggle; however, the golden rule is to ensure you only wear one item that is patterned out of your suit, shirt and tie. You can break this rule but if you do ensure the patterns are fairly mute. In short, make sure you don’t wear a tie that’s too loud with an already bold suit.

Matching Width and Length 

The width of your business tie can impact your outfit and whether it’s regular or clip-on a good rule of thumb is to match the width of your tie with the width of your lapel. This will help to create a symmetrical figure which flatters all body types.

Additionally making sure you match the look of the tie to the overall style of the suit will put you in good shape. If you are going for the punk look of a skinny suit pick a slimmer tie and vice versa for a more classic style.

Matching the Materials

The materials of your outfit have to coordinate with each other. In this situation you should allow your suit to lead your decision; if you are wearing a linen number then most would advise you to go for a cotton tie.

Contrastingly in a more traditional suit often a silk tie is considered the best option. The golden rule here then is to match the formality of your suit to the formality of your tie. That being said often this rule is the easiest one to break as long as you choose options with complementary colours.

Combining the Colours

This is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing what tie to wear with your suit. The concept of warmer and cooler colours here is essential; the golden rule is to try and combine a hotter colour like red with a cooler colour like blue.

Alternatively, you could go for a monochromatic look, combing a black suit with a grey business tie for example. Another good rule of thumb is to pick highly contrasting colours as these are usually the most complimentary.

Style is Personal!

Whilst the rules in this article are good to follow they must certainly not be taken as gospel. Style by its nature is personal and open to interpretation. If you do decide to break any of the rules in this article be sure to check out James Morton Ties for all your custom and business tie needs.