Keeping Your Employees Happy

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Your employees are the most important asset to your business, including yourself.

Taking care of your workforce can help to grow your business, increase reputation and keep loyal workers with you.

Too many businesses forget about their employees in the pursuit of customers and more business but the truth is that these two go hand in hand and help to build each other because there simply isn’t one without the other.

There are a number of ways to keep your workforce happy and it all starts with you!

Build a Rapport

Being a manager and owner comes with the assumption you’re unapproachable and scary.

From the offset, break down these assumptions and become a friendly, approachable boss as it will only benefit you and the business.

Of course, setting boundaries is important but being open to conversations can really help your business to grow and you’ll find your employees are much more loyal.

Inspire and Push Your Team

Stepping out of our comfort zones is a challenge but if you see potential in an employee, encourage them to fulfil that potential.

Never Stop Educating

People will continue to learn throughout their lives and giving them tools to grow will only increase their ability and eagerness to learn.

Money Matters

When I first started a business, I was wholly focused on making it work that I completely disregarded my employees worth. I had everyone working on 0 hours and minimum wage but I soon realised I wasn’t getting the kind of return I wanted or expected.

In order to value your employees, you need to pay them right and give them the stability we all need!

Recognise Hard Work

It is so easy to thank for good work but are you really recognising it?

saying thank you goes a long way and recognising when someone is doing a great job can really make a difference.

I always make an effort to promote within where possible and recognise my employees.

Create a Productive and Happy Environment

When you think about how much time we spend in the office it’s only right us as business owners make it a nice environment to be in.

From lighting to the right seating and equipment that works well, there is a lot we can do to create a nice working environment.

I’ve also found that a breakout space encourages productivity and helps employees to relax, taking a break when needed and improves their productivity.

It’s also a good idea to offer fresh fruit and snacks throughout the days if you can afford it, as this will stop the mid-afternoon slump.

Get Everyone Involved

When you’re holding meetings or have a new idea, share it with your employees and invite them to share their opinions and ideas too.

This will help them to feel really valued and also can be great for your business, offering new ideas and a fresh approach to everything.

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