Single-Use Plastic vs. Bags for Life: Which Do Customers Prefer?

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Plastic shopping bags have been slowly phased out to be replaced by bags for life and paper bags, but you can still find them in some shops and supermarkets. While this might not seem like a big deal, providing single-use plastic bags can alienate customers and cost you business.

Here are just a few reasons why customers prefer bags such as cotton bags, bags for life, and other eco bags over single-use plastic bags.


They aren’t called ‘single-use’ for nothing. Those cheap plastic bags quickly stretch out and easily rip if they’re caught on something. Customers don’t like knowing their bags could split and send all their shopping to the ground. Bags for life are incredibly strong and durable, so they can be filled to the brim and used for years without ever giving up.


Unless you’re only carrying the lightest of loads, single-use plastic bags are quite uncomfortable to hold since the handles bunch up and start digging into your hands. In contrast, bags for life have thicker handles made from more comfortable materials, so you can carry them around for hours at a time without feeling the circulation to your fingers getting cut off.


By far the most obvious benefit of using bags for life instead of single-use plastic bags is doing your bit to help the environment. Those single-use bags consume plenty of resources during the manufacturing process, don’t biodegrade, and often end up polluting the ocean or countryside. Bags for life are much better for the planet, and that’s something customers respond well to.


Shopping bags are never going to be the most stylish thing in the world, but bags for life tend to look much better than single-use plastic bags since they can be printed in more vivid colours across a larger surface area. If you give your bags for life their own cool custom design, you can ensure customers form a favourable impression of your business and keep coming back.