Why should you hold your next corporate event in Paris?

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It’s fair to say that any corporate event location must live up to high standards. After all, even the most modest organisation will wish to host its next such event – whether a product launch, conference, team-building get-together or something else entirely – somewhere that reflects as positively as possible on its brand. So, should you consider Paris for your own upcoming big event?

Understandably, many organisations seeking out corporate event venues can be a little hesitant about basing their next event in the French capital. The City of Lights may seem almost too obvious an option to some people, while others may fret about the cost.

However, here are just a few reasons why your firm shouldn’t overlook Paris.

The city remains as big a draw as ever

We’re all accustomed to the image of Paris as one of the true epicentres of international arts, fashion and culture. The centre of the Île-de-France region is associated with the finest in high culture – but such a status is far from merely a figment of the past.

Indeed, as reported by The Local, hotels in the Paris area received 2.9 million more foreign and French visitors in 2017 than they did during the previous year. This represented a whopping 9.5% increase, and a signal of Paris’s continued robustness as a global tourist destination.

Furthermore, with the city remaining home to such iconic diversions and institutions as the Louvre, Musée National d’Art Moderne, Notre-Dame de Paris, Palais Garnier and Eiffel Tower, you can be assured that your corporate event attendees will have plenty to be inspired and stimulated by in addition to your event itself.

You’ll scarcely find a better choice of venues in one place

While any major city will give you a broad range of corporate event venues from which to choose, very few metropolises can hope to come close to the French capital in this regard.

Whether you are on the lookout specifically for an unashamedly modern restaurant, bar or hotel setting with a thoroughly 21st-century sensibility, or instead perhaps somewhere slightly away from the city itself that nonetheless plays on the region’s enviable heritage, Paris has it all.

The noble stone-built Château Bouffémont, for example, has cultivated a reputation as one of the premier corporate event locations in Paris or nearby, on account of such factors as its spectacular manicured French gardens, refined furnishings and highly functional rooms.

It is also simply unrivalled for convenience

While you will naturally wish to select a corporate event location that sends guests’ hearts aflutter, it is equally crucial to select somewhere that appeals to the head.

Again, Parisian corporate event venues excel in a practical sense in more ways than one. The aforementioned Château Bouffémont is a fine case in point, given the sheer beauty and tranquillity of its location in the Montmorency Forest that lends itself well to a pleasant experience for your guests. However, this splendid historic property is also just 30 kilometres away from central Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, which makes it surprisingly easy to reach.

You can count on exceptional support

Organising a successful corporate event, whether you’re doing so with the help of a global destination management company or not, is a major endeavour that also depends on you being able to call upon the highest standard of assistance from a suitably prepared and experienced team.

Thankfully, with so many of the leading corporate event venues in Paris having served in this capacity for many decades, choosing to hold your own business event in such a location often means being able to make the most of the services of dedicated and knowledgeable support staff.

You should always ensure that such a dynamic and committed team will be available to help you before you go as far as hiring any given corporate event venue in Paris. Perhaps those considering planning an event in Paris could visit https://www.smartworksevents.com/services/av-production/ to get some help from professional event planners. They can offer a range of services, including event planning in France. Perhaps they would be useful to contact.

For more insight into why holding your next corporate event in the French capital could be such a good idea, why not consult the Institut d’aménagement et d’urbanisme de la région Île-de-France’s Paris Region Key Figures 2018 document? It helps to show why the City of Lights remains a formidable business epicentre even as we look ahead to 2019.